Quality Policy

Fapricela, Indústria de Trefilaria, S.A. was founded in 1977, and produces wires and derivatives products, based on the use carbon steel raw materials.

Nowadays, Fapricela, S.A. produces to a global market, positioning itself as one of the most dynamic wire drawing industries in Europe.

Seeking a continuous improvement of their own management processes, with the goal of products exceeding customers expectations, Fapricela, S.A. assumes their own social, economical and environmental responsibilities, focusing them all in those who have contributed to is success, in particular workers, shareholders, nearby population and State.

Therefore the main commitments assumed by Fapricela – Indústria de Trefilaria, S.A. are:

  • Continuously improve its management processes, along with a constant employees training, consolidating its strengths and using weaknesses / threats identification to establish improvement actions;
  • To promote more and better integrated communication with its customers, in order to identity their needs and exceed their expectations;
  • Fulfil the requirements of the NP EN ISO 9001, and according to a strategic, expand the certifications and homologation of their products with global market;
  • To prevent pollution resulting from Fapricela, S.A. activities, and to fulfil all the legal and other requirements assumed in quality and environment issues;
  • To promote a healthy working environment that encourages the personal commitment and responsibility of all the people that work in and in the name of Fapricela, S.A., so that each one of them on their daily tasks assures the fulfilment of this Policy.


February 27, 2018