Fapricela Industry Group


Fapricela – Indústria de Trefilaria, S.A., a family-owned company founded in 1977, began operating almost solely as a construction nail manufacturer. As the years passed and the company grew, new products were progressively added to the portfolio as a result of the changing market demands: fencing; wire; electrowelded wire mesh; low relaxation pre and post-stressed steel strand and wire and spring wire.

Indeed throughout its history, the company has always been committed to quality. Through continuous investment, focusing and combining innovation with high technology (equipment automation), along side with systematic quality control, Fapricela is placed in the position of a leading wire drawing company in Europe. It produces for both the internal and foreign market, and currently the turnover amounts to € 125.000.000, against € 9.980 in 1977.

Its premises occupy at present a covered space of 90,000m², surrounded by approximately 200,000m² of open property, and the company currently employs 320 workers, which makes it one of the major employers of the centre region. Together with controlled financial management, Fapricela – Indústria de Trefilaria, S.A. is approaching its ideal which is quality manufacturing to satisfy demands.

Ibermetais Indústria de Trefilagem


In June 2007, Fapricela Industry Group acquired the Ibermetais Indústria de Trefilagem, S.A., which had been incorporated in 1971. Located in Freamunde – Paços de Ferreira, this company specialised in wire drawing of (non alloy) low carbon steel monoblocks (crude and annealed wire).

Ibermetais is one of the oldest operating companies in the area, which currently employs 93 workers, and occupies a total covered area of 20.000m² surrounded by 50.000m² of open property. In 2015, it achieved € 15.000.000 total turnover and 60% of production is exported.