With the purpose of expanding its product portfolio and convinced of being capable of developing an entrepreneurial axis in the wire drawing industry which will enable it to be market leader in the country and occupy a position in the international market, Fapricela - Indústria de Trefilaria, S.A., invested in acquiring Ibermetais, S.A., which is itself a wire drawing industry. This procedure was completed in June 2007 and the designated FAPRICELA INDUSTRY GROUP was created.

The GROUP’s present goals are transparent and it embraces these two companies which are endowed with skills and own resources combined to enhance and strengthen the Wire Drawing industry.

Albeit profiting from the know how of Fapricela - Indústria de Trefilaria, S.A., and introducing at Ibermetais new products and improving old ones, new technologies, new manufacturing procedures, new markets, including design, distribution and marketing phases, at the forefront of technology, the FAPRICELA INDUSTRY GROUP demands of itself the effort to cooperate with other companies where knowledge and innovation are the fundamentals for the development of high level competitiveness, which enables the output of new products and services targeting not only the national market, but particularly the international one.

Summarising the goals which the FAPRICELA INDUSTRY GROUP has set for itself both the consolidation of innovation skills and increase of exports along with a relevant position are the essential elements of design of its development and sustainability in the industry where it is involved.