Quality Control

Fapricela, Indústria de Trefilaria, S.A., is certified according to ISO 9001: 2008 and has one of the biggest ranges of internal quality laboratories dedicated to each individual segment of products.

The Quality Control is focused on the following production stages, according to the procedures and work instructions included in the Fapricela Quality System:

  • Control of raw materials: The raw materials are controlled in order to assure the necessary quality to be used in our manufacturing processes, being our suppliers periodically evaluated in order to ensure that they are committed to the quality standards established by Fapricela.
    • Wire Rod testing (According to the suppliers contract requirements):
      • Tensile strength (Rm), Ø (diameter), Reduction of area.
    • Testing of other raw materials according to purchase requirements:
      • Ø (diameter), Weight of zinc layer, adhesion, tensile strength (Rm);
      • PVC Density.
  • Control of middle process product: In order to guarantee a final product with the characteristics required by the customer, where applicable, then middle process products are controlled by internal parameters consolidated by the know-how obtained over the years of investigation of the internal processes of Fapricela.
    • Tensile tests / geometric characteristics (according to internal specifications, or normative requirements, when applicable).
  • Final product control: The main commitment of Fapricela is to guarantee the total satisfaction of the customer's expectations, and whenever possible to exceed them, for that purpose our final products are rigorously controlled in all the characteristics identified by either standards or customer requirements by our Quality staff, with the competence and exemption necessary to ensure that the client's needs are our working rule.
    • Tensile tests / Geometrical characteristics (according to product standards, or customer specifications);
    • Continuous control tests:
      • Relaxation, fatigue, deflected tension test, corrosion under tension;
      • Grease and sheath (HDPE tests) - sealing, shock resistance, slip force.