Steel Wire Continuous Chairs

Steel wire chairs manufactured to provide a straight line of support at a uniform height.

Passive reinforcement obtained by a spot welding process with a triangular prism shape, consisting of 3 wires at the vertices of the triangle and 2 wires on the side with a sinusoidal wave pattern.

The constituent wires are produced by cold deformation.

H (mm) B (mm) D1 (mm) D3 (mm) D2 (mm) P (mm) L (m)
70 to 250 70 to 100 4 to 12 3 to 12 3 to 6 200 1.40 to 14

Other specifications on request.

Separation between layers of reinforcement.
Support for top reinforcement in slabs.
Some examples:
  • Pedestrian access;
  • Protection roofs;
  • Tunnels.

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